About The Festival

South Wales Pirate Festival is currently the only event of its type in South Wales, and since its launch in 2015, has gained an ever growing following from around the world. The festival itself incorporates aspects of Re-enactment and Living history, LARP and Cosplay, and as such, is able to become a fully interactive experience.

The event started off at Raglan Castle, on the outskirts of Usk in August 2015, and overwhelmed audiences and crew alike. It was such a success that organising team had to start looking for a bigger venue to hold the event, whilst keeping the festival within the South Wales Region.

After many meetings, tears, tantrums and the odd duel, Caldicot Castle and country park was selected and agreed.

In 2016 the festival will Feature famous faces such as captains Sparrow, Barbosa and Hook, Living history areas that show how life was like for people in the 17th / 18th Centuries, Activities for the young and young at heart, a fully licenced 18th century tavern, Traders, Militia displays and of course, very loud bangs!

See the pirates engage in bloody battle with the kings men to gain control of the castle, hear the roar of cannon and musket fire, The clash of polished steel as swords are drawn, feel the excitement as the ground rumbles with a band of angry pirates charging the enemies ranks, and smell the smells of a hard won battle.

So Jeer the king and his men, Salute the black flag as she flies triumphantly, feel the excitement of battle, meet and greet the worldly outlaws and hear of their lives….

So Join Us in Caldicot on August 19th – 21st in the year of our Lord 2016