Hi guys, With less than 20 weeks left till the event, it seems only fitting to give you guys some big, BIG news… I hope your sitting down, because these updates may require new underwear!!
In the last few days you may have noticed some changes to our website, including the new little basket icon. Our pre book tickets to the event are now live, boasting some 30% off the gate fee on the day if you get them now. Hurry though, this offers only available until July 30th!!! But the truly MASSIVE announcement (Glastonbury eat your heart out) is over the past 24 hours, we have confirmed that there will be over 30 massed cannon, along with swivel guns, mortars, black powder flintlocks, muskets, blunderbuss, ground charges, blank firing pistols on site courtesy of the Wimbourne militia, the Star gun company, the Oxford river rogues, the Sheppy pirates and others! In total, there will be an arsenal of over 150 black powder and blank firing weapons we have for your enjoyment could easily sink HMS Victory!!!

And we still have more re-enactment groups yet to confirm, so this figure could go higher!!

The other massive announcement we are pleased to make is we can now officially confirm we are truly an INTERNATIONAL pirate festival, with people coming from mainland Europe and America!! To add even more excitement, keep your eyes peeled on YouTube and the website – we’ve started filming something I think your all going to like!!

There’s just one more thing…how would you like to bag a FREE family ticket to the event? Simply like our Facebook page, and upload your best pirate impression to it. The winner will be contacted by July 19th. After all that excitement, I think I need a rum!!!

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