Update From The Captain – June 2016

Update From The Captain – June 2016

Well, the countdown is now in double figures, with less than 70 days to go until the big event, and what an event we’re gunna have!!
We have pirate and mercenary crews from the four corners of the world joining us – from the fierce bearded men of Sheppy island, to the polite yet deadly men of Oxford, the local scavengers of Sully, and the unmistakable force from the Brixham Buccaneers.
all who come will make the king and his men wish they’d never been born!

Our new patches are available to purchase via our website for the price of £3.00 each, or two for just a fiver. That being said however, we’ll gladly accept a nice red note with a 0 on the end….

Keep your eyes peeled around the castle over the next few weeks, rumor has it a small band of pirates may been spotted skulking around the site, finding out where its weak spots are. You never know, you may be lucky enough to spot one (Pirates – masters of disguise don’t you know!)

Our traders are busy stocking up on their ill gotten gains – particularly the crafty barman at the Crimson moon….when asked who’s side is he on, he simply replies the side that pays the most…

Tickets are selling fast, don’t forget they are only reduced until August 1st.

So sharpen your cutlasses, Dry out your powder, puff up the feathers in your hat and set a course for Caldicot Castle….

The pirates are coming…
The battle is over, so begins the war….

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